Why Most Infidelity is Rape

Why Most Cheating Should Be Classified as Sexual Assault or Rape

Sexual infidelity is far more serious than it is taken.

Sexual infidelity is verbally, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and sexually abusive.

Sexual infidelity puts the partner who has been betrayed at risk for life-threatening sexually transmitted diseases, even if condoms were used during the infidelity. Women are much more at risk than are men for contracting STDs due to anatomical differences.

See this important link about criminal prosecutions due to the transmission of HIV/AIDS http://www.avert.org/criminal-transmission.htm

Cheating involves lying, lying by omission, betrayals of agreements and vows, exposing partners to harmful STDs that threaten health, life, and fertility, and inflicts severe emotional and psychological trauma that often results in loss of time from work, depression, negative impact on parenting abilities, and traffic accidents. These are all results of the abuse that is inherent in cheating.

Furthermore,  if a person is unaware that his or her partner has been sexually unfaithful and he or she can reasonably assume sexual fidelity is in place due to mutually arrived at agreements or vows, that same person is unable to consent to any sex that is outside of the bounds of reasonably assumed sexual fidelity.

If a person can reasonably assume sexual fidelity yet there has been infidelity which has not been disclosed to that person, that person is unable to give consent to any sexual contact with the cheater since s/he is not aware that their partner is a cheater.

If a cheater says “I need to tell you that I was sexually unfaithful” before there is any further sexual contact with the partner after the infidelity has taken place, then there is no sexual assault.

However, if there is sexual contact with the partner without the partner’s knowledge that there has been sexual infidelity, that partner IS being sexually assaulted and/or raped, as far as I am concerned – because that person is unable to consent to the sexual activity under the terms of the fidelity agreement having been violated.

Most people would  NOT consent to sexual activity with someone who had been sexually unfaithful to them. When sex occurs that would otherwise not occur had the infidelity been disclosed, I believe that is rape.

A person cannot consent to sex with an adulterer if s/he is unaware that the person is an adulterer.


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